the harvest is plenty & the laborers are few

Currently, I am watching The Voice, eating ice cream, and pinning on my new Summer 2015 board on Pinterest! If anyone knows me they know that I am ADDICTED to Pinterest. So with my unstoppable pinning thumbs and my excitment for this trip to Europe this summer I thought, ‘WHY HAVE I NOT MADE THIS ADVENTURE PINTEREST OFFICIAL YET?!’ I am pinning travel tips, suggested clothing ideas, pictures to take, and apps to download! I am searching for different ideas, themes, and pins to enhance the board and add to my knowledge of travel! I have to unpatiently wait for 119 more days!!

I was interested in going to Mexico through my church, Fellowship, over spring break. I was placed first on the waiting list. Sadly, a girl in high school who was scheduled to attend the trip got hurt and I might be taking her spot and go to…

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