Justin Wilson

Google Plus

Earlier this week, Bradley Horowitz, one of Google+’s key architects and a Google VP, announced that he has been appointed as head of Google’s Photos and Streams products.  It is strongly implied that these are not additional features to Google+, but two new products which will effectively replace Google+.

But how can a social network with the backing of one of the biggest companies on earth be effectively wound down after just three and a half years?

Too late to the party?
Was Google+ flawed straight from the off?  Well, it was only launched in September 2011 by which time Facebook had 750 million members, LinkedIn had over 100 million members and Twitter was adding 500k new users per day.  A lot of ground to make up even with brains as big as Google’s.

Its stats were impressive though?
Yes, they were – very impressive in fact.  Google+ recruited 10…

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