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Nice productive workday today with Chris, Mick and myself getting stuck in.

We tried to fix the picnic bench first, but need to drill new holes on the wooden bits. My Ikea electric screwdriver proved woeful, too. We need screws that are super strong and thick, the slightest movement causes everything to bend.


We quickly went back to clearing and made good headway along the west bank.


We have quite a few piles of brash, which we would normally burn off, but leaving them will provide food and shelter for insects.

Great to get out today, despite being a little cold.

Next workday will beĀ 9am Monday 16th March. Same place and just continue to clear before the bird nesting season kicks in at the end of the month.

To fix the bench we need proper tools. If anyone fancies putting it back together again we would be so gratefulā€¦

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