CBS New York

By John Montone, 1010 WINS

There are natural-born killers leaving their victims’ bodies in Central Park.

The city’s hawk population is thriving, and as these killing machines of the avian kingdom will do, they have left the carcasses of squirrels and pigeons strewn about the gardens and grass.  A woman who lives near the park told 1010 WINS she watched in horror as a hungry hawk honed in on her favorite black squirrel.  She claimed she could tell that squirrel apart from all of the others, that it would eat nuts out of her hand.  The woman yelled to the squirrel to, “Run, run!”  And, “Phew!” her beloved squirrel escaped…that day.

Returning to the park on another day she saw her squirrel, “With his guts hanging out.”

This woman is now ridden with anxiety.  She loves the park, but is afraid another hungry hawk will someday chomp on her…

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