CBS New York

By John Montone, 1010 WINS

Shots shatter the New York night and some New Yorkers…shrug.

While questioning folks from different boroughs and neighborhoods  about a report that says there has been a spike in murders this year, I was reminded just how commonplace the sound of gunfire has become.

It was back in the dark and dangerous years of the crack cocaine kingpins arming their minions with automatic weapons that I first encountered that, “No big deal,” attitude about the discharging of bullets.  A student had been shot at Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn.  The first student I encountered when I arrived told me in a most casual manner, “Dude got dusted.”

Dusted as in shot to death.  The victim was 16.  An innocent bystander as news reports began to identify many of those who went to their graves at an early age, riddled with bullets from cross-fire gun…

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