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By Ernie Palladino
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People attached a lot of adjectives to the Mets’ chances before Saturday’s news.

Young. Eager. Resilient. Solid.

It’s amazing how the conversation changed so quickly. The words have taken a darker turn. And now, the best descriptive anyone can attach to disgraced closer Jennry Mejia is “old-school.”

None of the new hipster juice for him. When Mejia apparently decided to entangle himself in the PED game, he went with Stanozolol. That was so dumb on so many levels that one would think only a player for some hapless, directionless franchise would think of doing it.

For one thing, that anabolic steroid was thought to have gone out of style around the same time as bell bottoms and tie-dyed T-shirts. The steroid testers developed their early tests to detect exactly that drug, along with a gaggle of other golden oldies like Nandrolone, Androstenedione, and…

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